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Extortion, which is also commonly referred to as blackmail and exaction, is a criminal offence where a single individual or a group of individuals receive money or pieces of property from another individual or group of individuals by means of breaking the law or threats. Extortion is not usually performed by single individuals but by groups, such as organized crime. Usually, these groups will also threaten or actually inflict pain on the person or group that they are trying to get the money from.

• Types of Threats of Extortion

The most common types of threats in an extortion case are intimidation, threats to inflict physical injury one someone, threats to damage someone’s property, threats to kidnap someone and keep them hidden, threats to accuse someone of a crime that they have not committed, or threatening to expose to the world a personal secret of the victim.

• Unique Circumstances

There are definitely some unique circumstances that can arise when it comes to extortion. For instance, perhaps someone let another person use money in an online account or in their mailbox without knowing that that other person was going to use their money as extortion. In that case, both people involved could be in really big trouble, and if you were in that sort of a situation, you would definitely want to seek the help of a criminal law attorney as soon as possible. The attorney would have to argue for you that you didn’t know what your money was going to use the money for, but an opponent could just as easily brought up that if you were so carefree with your money, that you had to have known what it was going to be used for. All of these things will be taken into very careful consideration in your case.

• Can Extortion be Removed from Your Record?

Usually, an extortion can only be removed from your record if you get it reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor, in which case you could have the extortion expunged from your record. For this to happen, you would have to petition the court, and your probation would have to be completed by that point. Even then, the chances of your extortion being removed from your record to the public can be unlikely, and will be based on factors including the circumstances of your extortion and whether or not it was a onetime crime.

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