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Accused Criminals Need Legal Assistance

Crime is a serious issue. A crime accusation is not something to take lightly because the accusation can result in spending many years in jail. The accusation might be false. Many people are in jail for crimes that they did not commit. Without the best Toronto criminal lawyer, it is easy to end up in […]

False Imprisonment

False imprisonment is the deliberate intent of one individual to hold another individual captive without the consent of that person or the legal right to do so. In order to prove that an individual is guilty of false imprisonment, the opposing side will have to prove that he or she directly intended to hold the […]


Extortion, which is also commonly referred to as blackmail and exaction, is a criminal offence where a single individual or a group of individuals receive money or pieces of property from another individual or group of individuals by means of breaking the law or threats. Extortion is not usually performed by single individuals but by […]

Divorce Explained

Divorce is the process of terminating a marriage, cancelling the legal responsibilities of that marriage, and a dissolution of the matrimonial bonds between a couple under the laws of the jurisdiction they live in. Divorce is very different than an annulment. In an annulment, the marriage is deemed null and void. The divorce laws vary […]

Counterfeit Money

Counterfeiting money is not only a danger to people, it is a danger to the economy as well. Unfortunately, counterfeiting is becoming much more commonplace when it comes to crimes, but even if you have never counterfeited money, you could still be in trouble. You may possess counterfeited money without your knowledge; perhaps someone who […]


Coercion is where one individual forces another individual to do something against their will with the use of threats, force, or intimidation. This can include physical harm or psychological intimidation, or can even become more extreme with the use of torture. What the threatening individual asks of the other individual can also vary, as they […]