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Accused Criminals

Accused Criminals Need Legal Assistance


Crime is a serious issue. A crime accusation is not something to take lightly because the accusation can result in spending many years in jail. The accusation might be false. Many people are in jail for crimes that they did not commit. Without the best Toronto criminal lawyer, it is easy to end up in jail because of a false accusation.

There are many types of crimes. The most common is murder. A murder accusation can result in life imprisonment or the death penalty. Merely being present at a murder site even if one was not the actual murderer can result to a murder accusation. One might have killed out of self-defense. It will be the duty of the lawyer to prove that it was a case of self-defense. In that scenario, the charge will be manslaughter, which has a less severe penalty than murder.

Violence with robbery also attracts a heavy penalty. Merely possessing stolen property results to violence with robbery accusation. One can buy a stolen property without being aware that it is a stolen product. In that situation, if one ends with legal issues, legal assistance will help.

Domestic violence is also a crime. Other crimes include drunken driving, sex crimes, drug crimes, fraud, embezzlement, and theft.

Because of the serious nature of crimes, law courts handle them. A state prosecutor will prosecute the accused person. Each party needs legal representation. If the accused person cannot afford a lawyer, the state will provide a lawyer free.

In a criminal trial, there is the presumption of innocence. It is the duty of a criminal lawyer to prove that a person charged with crime is innocent. The best Toronto criminal lawyer will facilitate a good outcome.

A great criminal lawyer will build a good defense. A top attorney will have a case strategy. He will thoroughly research crime codes, statutes, and case law while building his case. Top lawyers also have presentation skills. The way an attorney presents a case will determine whether an accused person will win the case.

A criminal attorney must be realistic. At times, it is obvious that an individual has committed a crime. In that case, the lawyer should not strive for the acquittal of the person. Instead, he should negotiate with prosecution for lesser charges.

One can easily enter into legal trouble. You can get involved in a civil case. That can have an out of court solution. However, if someone accuses you of crime, you will have to appear before a court of law. You will require legal assistance.