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Counterfeit Money

Counterfeit Money

Counterfeiting money is not only a danger to people, it is a danger to the economy as well. Unfortunately, counterfeiting is becoming much more commonplace when it comes to crimes, but even if you have never counterfeited money, you could still be in trouble. You may possess counterfeited money without your knowledge; perhaps someone who hired you to work for them was a counterfeiter and paid you with counterfeited money. Next thing you know, you would have state or Federal law enforcement tracking the money back to you, and you’d have a lot of explaining to tell them.

• Counterfeit Money Laws

– As with most criminal laws, the laws surrounding counterfeit money vary extensively state by state, but counterfeiters may violate both state and Federal laws. This means that both Federal and State agencies and law enforcement can be in the same search for the counterfeiter, and for anyone who knowingly or unknowingly has counterfeited money.

• Counterfeit Money Orders at a Bank

– If any bank has been provided with a money order on a check that is requested to be cashed, but if the money is found to be counterfeited money (meaning that the check would technically need to be counterfeited as well), then the bank will be considered the victim of the crime and the person requesting the cash to be checked the perpetrator, regardless of whether the person knew or not if the money was counterfeited. This is a very common fraud, and since some people don’t know that their money was counterfeited, they can become the perpetrator of a crime that they didn’t even know they were committing or intending to commit. If you have become one of these people, you should immediately return the money cashed from the check to the organization or party that cashed the check. The bank can then use the routing number on the check and work with local or Federal law enforcement to track down the counterfeiter.

• How to Report Counterfeited Money

– It’s important that you remember that there is absolutely nothing illegal about a person discovering the illegal activities of another person. However, it can also be considered a crime if you don’t report the illegal activities of another person when you know full well that what they are doing is unlawful. Therefore, if you know anybody who is counterfeiting money, you should report it to local law enforcement immediately.